No matter which ski park you decide to visit in Arizona, they are going to have equipment rentals on-site. Some people like this option for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your skis are already waiting for at the mountain. However, before you pay resort prices for that gear, there are some potentially easy ways to save money on your Arizona ski rentals that you should know about.

Basic Strategies and Online Reservations

As always, the primary tip for saving a good chunk of change is to plan ahead. When you know you’re going skiing and you know you’re going to need some gear, hop online and start looking at shops that rent. Book through us and we can help you save up to 20% off your rental. Additionally, booking online means you can do your research and get the best deal from a location that is most convenient for you.

As with lift tickets, the resort knows that they have you over a barrel once you’re there and don’t have your gear. There are usually shops in nearby towns that will rent you similar equipment and charge less; sometimes, they charge a lot less. Consider if you’re skiing at Sunrise Park. A full set of equipment will cost you $35/$65/$84 for a one, two, or three-day rental. Krissie’s Ski and Board Shop, located a half-hour to the west (on the way to the park from Flagstaff) will rent to you for $25/$45/$60 with bigger discounts for longer rentals. A week rental costs $104 at Krissie’s, but will cost $203 from the resort. That’s a huge savings.

If you’re looking for a catch, it might be hauling the skis to the resort, especially if you have a preference for a longer set of skis. That said, often times, the types of vehicles that do best in the winter also have room for your skis. Flying in from out of town, for example? Off-resort ski rentals are a great way to offset the cost of a rental car upgrade.

Resort vs. Shop Equipment

There is really no difference between the sets of gear that a shop will rent you versus what you find at the resort. If you don’t own your own gear, you probably won’t even notice the difference between a pair of K2 skis and a pair of Rossignols. Arizona ski rentals are also a great way to try new types of gear before buying them outright.

Speaking of buying gear, there is one piece that you should definitely purchase if you’re going to go skiing more than three or four times. That is your helmet. A decent quality ski helmet runs between $50 and $100. A ski helmet rental is about $10/day, so if you go more than ten times in your life, your helmet has paid for itself.

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